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Management and HR Consulting with strategie and discretion
Successful companies are looking for the best employees! The best employees work in successful companies.

The journey is the reward.


Our strategic HR consulting starts in the very core of your business - in HR profiling. We analyze what you really need and look for the right person.


If you don't mind, we also take a look behind your curtain. 


Frankly speaking: of what use ist the best employee if he or she does NOT fit into the team?


The solution is the find the RIGHT person. Because the right person is always the BEST employee for your company.  Regardless of internal or external recruitment.


The company's success depends considerabely on the right staff. Finding the "right" employees is an important part of the mosaic of the company's performance.


Perlateo is your reliable and trustful partner for your effective recruiting and selection.

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